Have you ever felt that you are not producing output to your full potential? Have you felt that you could yield a lot more in a regular working day then you are doing now? Have you looked at one of your most productive colleagues and wondered how they could do so much in the same length of working time as you?

Then you are not alone. Most of the people feel somewhat similar things at least occasionally. Most people consider that there is room to improve their productivity in day to day life.


I know a lot of software developers who deep down in their hearts want to work for the top tech companies, like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, or Netflix. But a lot of them think that this wish is a moonshot and they can never fulfill this dream. They consider themselves to be too normal or regular guys, and the engineers at those top companies are some out of the world geniuses no match for them.

I am aware that not all software engineers want to be a Googler or an Amazonian. Nor do I think that working at Facebook or Microsoft should be the epitome of the career of a developer. I am just stating that there are many software engineers who want to get into those top companies but think that to be impossible for them. This blog post is for these people to share some experience from me and some people I know who got into these companies to explain that the target of yours may not be a moonshot or impossible. And as a regular or normal guy, you may very well crack into your target giant company.

I shall break into the whole process of landing a job in the FAANG (those who do not know yet, the acronym for Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) into some chronological phases, and I shall try to provide some tips to prepare yourself in the best possible ways in those phases. I expect this will be helpful for those who are interested.